Thanks to Friends of Quinta do Tedo...

…for your ongoing support and to our Quinta do Tedo team's hard work, word is out about 2 wonderful awards: Best of Nation in San Francisco International Wine Competition 2015, to include Double Gold 94 pts for our Vintage Port 2011.

For our Wine Tourism services to include tours, tastings and our 5 guest rooms.

The bird is singing - l'oiseau chante - o pássaro canta - der Vogel singt - el pájaro canta - l'uccello canta !

Autre type de signalisation, indiquant comment arriver à Quinta do Tedo.

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Hiking Trail at Quinta do Tedo


We are proud to announce an addition to Quinta do Tedo: a 4.5 km/2.8 mile nature trail, almost complete!  In fact, for the Armarmar concelho, or county, where Quinta do Tedo is located, this is the first of its kind.   This is an officially approved trail clearly marked with shist posts, and includes 2 stations for bird watching, a perfect way to view our Quinta's mascot migratorial bird oenanthe leucurus, in addition to many other birds.

The trail follows the Tedo and climbs in elevation through the vineyards.

Alternate route includes feitoria stones.

An alternate route of our nature trail includes 2 famous feitoria stones (to be discussed in next month's blog), put into place in the 1700s when the Marquis de Pombal demarcated Douro Valley as the first viticultural appellation of the world. Our B&B (agroturismo) guests and visitors to the quinta are welcome to walk the trail, that will follow the Tedo river and meander through the vineyards and traverse the Mediterranean scrub; markers will provide information regarding the flora, fauna and our estate.  While hiking the trail you may be joined by our dogs, they are friendly and know the lay of the land.

Our dogs are perfect companions for the trail.

For the wine lover and nature lover alike, what better way to understand the "terroir" than to walk it.  I am proud that Quinta do Tedo is promoting Douro Valley, not only in her viticultural richness but also in her natural beauty.

Ferns growing in vineyard terraced wall

Euphorbia in bloom; yellow flowers dominates the first sign of Spring.

Spring is here!

Easter is around the corner - time for Quinta do Tedo port and Douro DOC.

Important 2015 Fairs and Tastings

The dead of winter, after the holiday season, is when the quinta is "quiet". Our 2014 port, wine and olive oil are all resting for further evaluation. Ongoing work in the cellars continues, that never stops. The grapevines are dormant, pruning, burning vineyard debris and manually tilling the soil around the trunk are underway.  The tourist season is very slow, a contrast from the intense "other" 9 months of the year. Days are short, leafless trees allow to see details usually covered up, green ground cover is a pleasant change from the usual brown.  The mind is more reflective, yet plotting out strategy for 2015!

We are proud of our achievements in 2014, especially the prestigious Best of Wine Tourism for Wine Tourism Services, the Gold Medal for our Vintage 2011 at Vinidivio in Dijon, France and the ongoing high ratings and impressive medals for our ports and red wines.  There is always room for improvement.

This year we will be present at the following key tastings:

-Essencia do Vinho: Porto, Portugal 26 Feb  1 March

-Prowein: Dusseldorf, Germany from March 15  to 17

-Vinitaly: Verona, Italy  from March 22 to  25

-Vinexpo: Bordeaux, France from June 14 to 18

Please contact us to set up a visit and tasting if you attend.  As always, we appreciate your preference for Quinta do Tedo.

Here are some winter photos from our property, a lovely time for breathing more deeply.









Gold for our Vintage 2011 at Vinidivio - Dijon, France

Gold Medal for Quinta do Tedo's Vintage 2011. Not just because Vincent is Burgundian do I applaude the professional, warm and generous reception of Douro Valley producers at Vinidivio during Dijon's 84th International Gastronomic Fair, that took place from  30 October to 4 November. Each year a non-French viticultural region is chosen to be at the "table of honor", and during 5 days we proudly showcased our wines and ports along with 20+/- selected Douro Valley wineries.

Port style differences tasted.

Tasting the public, private collectors, trade and wine professionals and sharing our knowledge of port style differences, of Douro Valley with her beautiful traditions and dynamic innovations was our grand honneur.  Vinidivio's additional seminars/group tastings/professional days were well-received  and impressively organized.  Not to mention the apéritifs, dinners, visits to Burgundy's prestigious wineries and the unforgettable participation at the Paulée de Dijon organized with Douro Valley wineries that created a great sense of camaraderie between the 2 wine regions, such is the wine world!

!st prize Dijon

Proud to share with you that Quinta do Tedo received the Gold for our Vintage 2011 handed out during the Paulée.  A big thanks to all organizers to include the sommeliers present, especially to Florence Zito and Manuel Cabral.  Merci bien~

NB For a food and wine lover to have "experienced" a gastronomic fair in France with close to 600 exhibitors of véritable French cuisine and wine where I lunched sur place for 5 days is equivalent to having been "at large" in a 5-story candy store for a young child! In addition, the Paulée de Dijon, with over 150 attendants to include Burgundy and Douro Valley wine producers, with bottles of  prestigious wines shared at tables with a pairing menu catered by Michelin-rated group Bernard Loiseau was icing on top of the cake! ~ Kay