First Hospitality and Tourism Award!

We are proud to share with you our first hospitality and tourism award! For The Love Of Port, (FTLOP) a comprehensive Port, Douro wine and Madeira e-newsletter, with a subscriber base spanning 75 countries, granted Quinta do Tedo this award in March.  We thank Roy Hersh, FTLOP’s founder, considered a leading Port wine and Madeira authority in the US.  Roy guides several small groups a year on exclusive insider’s wine and food tours in the Douro region and Madeira, what better way to get to know the region….

Here are choice excerpts from his Quinta do Tedo write up:

"In 2005, during FTLOP’s very first Port Harvest Tour, our guests were introduced to this little known, (at the time) humble Douro property that maintained a 250 year history, adjacent to the Tedo River…. Under the stewardship of Vincent and Kay Steffey Bouchard, who took over this enchanting property in 1992, there has been substantial reinvestment in Quinta do Tedo…and it shows. …The reception and tasting areas are now more attractive and user friendly for guests…The vineyards contain nearly twenty grape varieties in five distinct parcels and have been converted from using sustainable farming to organic farming over the past 3 years.

The Douro wines and Port…are overseen by Jorge Alves, who is a fine winemaker… shares many pearls of wisdom during visits…makes each individual feel like he has known them for years; answering every question lobbed his way, in great detail. He is also happy to share examples of LBV, VP, and Colheitas directly from cask, which is always appreciated…In 2011, Quinta do Tedo added five guest rooms to begin enotourism.  (Quinta do Tedo) has grown from a sleepy Douro property into a name that is now recognized internationally with award winning wines and Ports…I believe the best is yet to come!"

Thanks Roy and to all at FTLOP, we are honored!  The Quinta do Tedo team – to include Vincent and myself, our winemakers, tour guides and enotourism work towards a common vision: make the best Port and Douro DOC possible, respect the land that is our responsibility, educate and share with our visitors the many Port and Douro DOC wines intricacies and the Douro traditions in the hopes that they, too, will become Douro-philes!

Photos of the spectacular Douro spring 2013, a riot of color from the very diverse cover crop, wild flowers and more….