Eno-Agroturismo at Quinta do Tedo

We are open for business, after a lengthy delay for various reasons.....

As written in our website "We proudly opened our doors summer 2011 to Eno-Agroturismo, to celebrate the beauty of the area, the passion with which we make our ports, wines and olive oil and to share a slice of this life with you."  For our readers who plan a trip in the near or far future keep in mind Quinta do Tedo, as a base to discover the Douro Valley and more!  As a transplanted American I believe firmly in this part of the world, and one reason that I love it here is that there is still a certain integrity, that has not become contrived by being "overdiscovered", as is the risk for the world's beautiful destinations, the Douro Valley included.

Please go to our website's link for more Eno-Agroturismo news to include photos:


Other news of importance: harvest starts in the next couple of days!  The summer has been hot and dry (quoi de neuf!) and the grapes are ready for picking.  I will give more information about the quality in detail in my September blog.

My best wishes to all, and we hope to have your stay at Quinta do Tedo!