Introducing our Rose' Port

The different types of port that we make are from red port varietals and include: Ruby, a blend of harvests aged for minimum 3 years; Tawny, an blend of harvests aged for minimum 8 years; LBV, a port from 1 harvest barrel aged for minimum 4 years before bottling; and Vintage, the king of port bottled young after 2 years with all of its power to age for a long time.  A couple of years ago a prince was born to the king: Rose’ Port.

Rose’ port is made from our same red port grape varieties, what sets it apart is that the first run juice after grape pressing is put directly into partially covered vats, as in making white wine.  No extended grape maceration, no foot treading and no partial fermentation in lagars.  What results is a juice light in color and tannins, saving the maximum of it fresh grape juice aroma and flavors.  As in traditional ports when fermentation is about 2/3 complete brandy is added to arrest fermentation and to fortify, only for rose' port a select brandy is chosen that will complement its more delicate nature.

The resulting color?  Imagine fresh pressed strawberries, raspberries and pomegranite juices blended, bright and clear.  Or pink flowering cherry trees in the spring or pink blooming oleanders in the summer. Bouquet?  Raspberries, gooseberries and a slight touch of cinnamon.  Flavors and mouthfeel?   Sweet red fruits, refreshing and deceiving of its 19% alcohol content.

There is talk that port needs to find a way into the lifestyle of a younger generation of consumers. Our Rose' Port fits the bill, and can also be enjoyed by all all ages.  Serve as a cocktail, cold like a rose' wine, in a glass with a zest of lime and a couple of fresh raspberries, or simply on its own for its light fruity and delicious purity at any time of the day!