Getting ready for Harvest 2016

Refractometer sugar readings. Juice samples to determine sugar, acid and ph levels.

Small, loose clustered Touriga Nacional, conisidered Portugal's finest grape variety - when will the harvest begin?

Harvest anticipation! Refractometer measurements and juice samples are mandatory as well as a careful eye on the vineyard, as we wait to start.  When the perfect balance between sugar and acid is met, the harvest kicks in.  The shift in weather can already be felt that I associate with harvest time, and the crisp and cooler mornings will soon be the norm.  The fact that July and August were torrid months would lead one to think that the harvest would start earlier, but the cooler-than-normal months of April, May and June result in a week’s delay.  Also, the heavy and consistent rain of April and May promoted a poor fruit set – an average 35% less in the entire Douro Valley region.

Calm today, this area will become a beehive of activity  in September.

Wooden macacos will be used to push down the cap during fermentation.

Our harvest at Quinta do Tedo will start the  2nd week of September. Even with the above challenges faced during growing season, the quality looks great; the grapes are healthy, small berries packed with concentrated fruit and very tasty.

Pouring our 10-year Tawny and

Open for business - the added harvest movement adds for first-hand information of how our Portos and Douro DOCs are made.

Once again the unique Portuguese grapes with their interesting flavors, deep colors, tannic structure and good acidity will be crafted into beautiful Portos and Douro DOC red wines at Quinta do Tedo.

Our dogs await you!