Hiking Trail at Quinta do Tedo


We are proud to announce an addition to Quinta do Tedo: a 4.5 km/2.8 mile nature trail, almost complete!  In fact, for the Armarmar concelho, or county, where Quinta do Tedo is located, this is the first of its kind.   This is an officially approved trail clearly marked with shist posts, and includes 2 stations for bird watching, a perfect way to view our Quinta's mascot migratorial bird oenanthe leucurus, in addition to many other birds.

The trail follows the Tedo and climbs in elevation through the vineyards.

Alternate route includes feitoria stones.

An alternate route of our nature trail includes 2 famous feitoria stones (to be discussed in next month's blog), put into place in the 1700s when the Marquis de Pombal demarcated Douro Valley as the first viticultural appellation of the world. Our B&B (agroturismo) guests and visitors to the quinta are welcome to walk the trail, that will follow the Tedo river and meander through the vineyards and traverse the Mediterranean scrub; markers will provide information regarding the flora, fauna and our estate.  While hiking the trail you may be joined by our dogs, they are friendly and know the lay of the land.

Our dogs are perfect companions for the trail.

For the wine lover and nature lover alike, what better way to understand the "terroir" than to walk it.  I am proud that Quinta do Tedo is promoting Douro Valley, not only in her viticultural richness but also in her natural beauty.

Ferns growing in vineyard terraced wall

Euphorbia in bloom; yellow flowers dominates the first sign of Spring.

Spring is here!

Easter is around the corner - time for Quinta do Tedo port and Douro DOC.