Getting the word out - Quinta do Tedo

Following January's blog about Quinta do Tedo's selected awards and recognitions, and February's blog about 2013 schedules of events for getting the word out, I would like to share with you some candid photos showing us in action in getting the word out about our port and wine at trade shows, tastings, and etc. It all boils down to sharing knowledge about something that we are so passionate about - Quinta do Tedo.  Our Ports and Douro DOC table wines do require explanations about how they are made and what makes them different from our competitors and from other wines of the world.  This "work" is intensive and involves long hours, but also a treat for us, as we are appreciative of the tasters' inquisitiveness and the fact that they leave the stand with a purple smile!

Here is 1 photo of Jorge at Prowein organized by the Instituto do Vinho do Porto, and other from trade tastings thanks to our US importer Vintage59, in Austin and in Dallas.