Foot Treading 2012

Douro harvest and port making mean foot treading.

We are firm believers that the soft methodic action of working the must by foot, that does not fully destruct the grape pit as would a harsher robotic approach, reigns in getting maximum extraction, color, and flavor and leads to a silkier, more complex, and superior port.

At Quinta do Tedo we receive requests from visitors and those booking to stay at our Eno-agroturismo guest rooms if they can participate in foot treading in the lagares, our open epoxy-lined cement tanks.  Local folklore and color at its best, complete with feet stained purple for a couple of days after as a souvenir! Of course, you can participate, the more the merrier!

This year Vincent and I had a colorful (no pun intended) time foot treading with a dear Italian friend, whose son was working the harvest at our quinta.  Together with a Brazilian couple, an Irish/German couple and winemaker’s son Pedro we foot treaded the night away. One doesn’t remain only in line formation for the 3 to 4 hours/night approx 3 to 4 days time period, that foot treading takes place, until we arrest the fermentation with alcohol to fortify the wine.  We alternate with “games” in the lagares to make for entertaining and successful stomping, ensuring that the best port possible is born!

Here are some of our approaches to foot treading and cheers!