Porto - a proud Great Wine Capitals city


Planning a trip to a wine region and looking for quality tips?  I have a lead for you.  Great Wine Capitals  www.greatwinecapitals.com is a network of 10 major global cities in both northern and southern hemispheres, sharing a key asset: their internationally renowned wine regions. A wine lover’s mind travels when reading the list -  Bilbao/Rioja, Bordeaux, Cape Town/Cape Winelands, Christchurch/South Island,  Firenze, Mainz/Reinhessen, Mendoza, Porto, San Francisco/Napa Valley and Valparaiso/Casablanca Valley.

I have looked at each wine region online at the above website and, having traveled professionally to most of these renowned wine regions, I trust this site’s integrity.  Next trip to a beautiful and prestigious wine region, close to cultured destination cities, Great Wine Capitals is an reference bar none to get to the core of where to stay, which wineries to visit, where to eat, and which wines to try. Wine tourism is such a lovely way to travel.

Founded in 1999, an intiative of Bordeaux’s Chamber of Commerce during the world’s most important wine trade show, Vinexpo, the regions’ names are associated with excellence in quality wine production, diversified tourism and best practices in sustainable agriculture, education and industry promotion.  Great Wine Capitals offers a vehicle for these wine regions to collaborate, exchanging ideas and promoting programs, all with a common end goal, to make wine tourism an ever-developing quality experience.

Annually a “Best of Wine Tourism” competition is held for each region, awarding businesses in each member region that have distinguished themselves in terms of the excellence of their facilities and delivering quality experiences to visitors in various categories. Awards are given for accommodation, sustainable wine tourism practices, wine tourism services, wine tourism restaurants, architecture and landscape, art and culture and innovative wine toursim experiences.  500 properties have received awards over the past 10 years from over 3400 nominees.  We are proud to announce that Porto’s Wine Tourism Services 2014 was awarded to Quinta do Tedo.  Thank you Great Wine Capitals.

For Valentine’s Day weekend that is approaching, come tour and taste at Quinta do Tedo.  Mention Great Wine Capitals the days of 14/15/and 16 February and  we will do the rest - a flute of chilled Quinta do Tedo Porto Rose’ adorned with festive red fruit, paired with a homemade dessert, for all wine lovers! By the way, the city of Porto is offering many specials for this lover's holiday, take a look at http://recursos.visitporto.travel/oportunidades/SValentim2014OP_PT.pdf.  Quinta do Tedo is on pg 34 the last time I looked.

Lastly, please go to www.greatwinecapitals.com > Discover Award Winners > Quinta do Tedo and check the box “like”, much appreciated!