Awaiting Spring


Seems like the Douro has experienced a very wet and cold winter, or perhaps it is the longing for the longer days and inevitably warmer and sunnier weather of Spring to come.  Looking at ADVID's climatic report (Douro wine region's monthly viticultural report) this year's rainy season, from October to March, is thus far an average year, actually 1 or 2 degrees C warmer than usual and for a 30-year average this year's rainfall is right on.  A couple of years ago I wrote in this monthly blog of the extreme drought the Douro was experiencing; this year I will not write of a lack of precipitation.  Since our vineyards are traditionally terraced, I note at this time of the year the number of walls that have fallen, always a challenge here.  Considering that we have more than 4 kilometers/2.4 miles in walls the overall damage is minimal.  Life chugs on, and in a few weeks we will have vineyard bud break, wildflowers will create a riot of color and Spring will arrive!

Tedo at work grazing

Circus, faithful companion on my walks

Oranges for mouthwatering marmelade.

Pussywillows by the Tedo.

Irresistible camelias

Backbone to our gardens - the red geranium, blooming even in the late winter.

As always, cheers! ~ Kay