5 Reasons to come to Quinta do Tedo for the harvest

IMG_4853 - Version 2 #1 Where else can you find such a great group of foot traders?!

Purple feet = promising port

Games played to keep foot treading

Even Hugo gets into the action

#2 Our food served is the best around.

"Bolinhos" de bacalhau, sardines and/or ? at 10 AM

...and always soup at 10 AM

Mkes for happy grape pickers

Leitao for festive evenings before foot treading

Conviviality: notice the wine glasses are empty and the Coke bottles are full

#3 We have 5 beautiful rooms in our Agroturismo, to fall into bed when your feet are tired.

Much appreciated after a hard night's work

#4 Lots to do around Quinta do Tedo during the day.

Canoeing on the Douro.

Take for a swim.

Tasting our ports and red wines in the tasting room

#5 Quinta do Tedo Port = Party Nectar!

2013 Port in the making - come join us for the 2014 harvest!