End of Year 2010

Dear all Quinta do Tedo friends, I am, very unfortunately, without camera and so have no photos to share with you, as I had intended to for my December blog’s topic.  So, instead, I wish you all a most happy, healthy and prosperous 2011, with many occasions to be with loved ones and to toast  with a glass (or glasses!) of Quinta do Tedo!

I thank you all for your support over the years, as we work to make Quinta do Tedo an ever-improving and dynamic winery and estate.  We feel very fortunate to have accomplished thus far our goals: to make unfailing quality products, be it port, wine and olive oil; to maintain our “working farm” status and respect the environment by being sustainable since years and by implementing organic viticulture since July 2010; and to receive visitors and customers with hospitality, warmth and unending care.

Our bird just keeps on singing……

Kay Steffey Bouchard

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