(Français) Vendanges 2016!

September 30, 2016

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Harvest 2016!

September 30, 2016

Harvest 2016 ENG

Harvest started later this year, due to late Spring rains with cooler temperatures, resulting in a later fruit set. Even with summer temperatures above average (the hottest July on record!) the harvest started 7 September.  Some parcels, notably Vallongo, were slow to reach the desirable sugar level for picking.  Last lagar was emptied today!  About 30% less in quantity this year, the berries are compact and tasty.  The Quinta becomes a beehive of activity during harvest; grape arrivals throughout the day, the vineyard workers swell in size from 6 to 18 persons to pick the grapes, and for those who work in the cellar sleep is sometimes an after thought, especially when it is time to fortify the fermenting must into Porto!  Visitors to our quinta peak during harvest, keen to watch first hand the steps in port making; there is always a request to participate in foot treading in the late afternoon. Another year of the grape vine’s cycle comes to an end and Port and our Douro DOC red wines are the result!

Picking at sunrise.

Picking at sunrise.

Onward to the next parcel.

Onward to the next parcel.

Preparing to bring grapes down steep terraces.

Preparing to bring grapes down steep terraces.

Grapes bursting with flavor.

Grapes bursting with flavor.

Our dogs are always part of the action.

Our dogs are always part of the action.

Hours of foot treading for optimal extraction, colors and flavor.

Hours of foot treading for optimal extraction, colors and flavor.

Examining Porto:

Examining Porto: “look at those legs”!

Getting ready for Harvest 2016

August 29, 2016
Refractometer sugar readings.

A refractometer measures sugar levels in grapes.

Juice samples to determine sugar, acid and ph levels.

Juice samples to determine sugar, acid and ph levels, indicators of when to start the harvest.

Small, loose clustered Touriga Nacional, conisidered Portugal's finest grape variety - when will the harvest begin?

Small, loose-clustered Touriga Nacional, considered Portugal’s finest grape variety – when will the harvest begin?

Harvest anticipation! Refractometer measurements and juice samples are mandatory as well as a careful eye on the vineyard, as we wait to start.  When the perfect balance between sugar and acid is met, the harvest kicks in.  The shift in weather can already be felt that I associate with harvest time, and the crisp and cooler mornings will soon be the norm.  The fact that July and August were torrid months would lead one to think that the harvest would start earlier, but the cooler-than-normal months of April, May and June result in a week’s delay.  Also, the heavy and consistent rain of April and May promoted a poor fruit set – an average 35% less in the entire Douro Valley region.

Calm today, this area will become a beehive of activity  in September.

Calm today, this area will become a beehive of activity in September.

Wooden macacos will be used to push down the cap during fermentation.

Wooden macacos waiting to punch down the cap during fermentation to add richness and color to the Porto and red wine.

Our harvest at Quinta do Tedo will start the  2nd week of September. Even with the above challenges faced during growing season, the quality looks great; the grapes are healthy, small berries packed with concentrated fruit and very tasty.

Pouring our 10-year Tawny and

Pouring our 10-year Tawny and 20-year Tawny Portos.

Open for business - the added harvest movement adds for first-hand information of how our Portos and Douro DOCs are made.

Open for business as usual – visit us during harvest for “hands-on” information of how our Portos and Douro DOCs are made.  Stock up!

Once again the unique Portuguese grapes with their interesting flavors, deep colors, tannic structure and good acidity will be crafted into beautiful Portos and Douro DOC red wines at Quinta do Tedo.

Our dogs await you!

Our dogs are awaiting harvest, and you.

(Français) Etre prêt pour la récolte 2016

August 28, 2016

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Open for business – Bistro Terrace!

July 29, 2016

We are thrilled to have Bistro Terrace  - our tours and tastings visitors have asked us for years “why not have a little something to pair with Quinta do Tedo Portos and Douro DOC red wines”?!  The idea gained steam when 22-yr-old Odile and 24-yr-old Paolo pushed for the venture, and our doors are open since mid-July!  The dedicated team, with culinary, restaurant and people talents have added a modern and international twist to classic Portuguese dishes - mais bien sûr! Open until the end of September…

Photos to tickle your taste buds…

Bolinhos bacalhau

Bolinhos de bacalhau with piri-piri aioli.


Bacalhau salad with soft-boiled egg and fried chick peas.

Duck RIce

Arroz de pato – rice with duck – with seared duck magret and apricot puree accent.

Chocolate cake

Flourless chocolate cake with our quinta’s candied orange strips.

Porto Rose on the Rocks

Porto Rosé cocktail – refreshing in the 40 C /100 F heat!

Squadra BT

Bistro Terrace Team – Niko Delios, Odile Bouchard, Marina Budrys, Colin Cronin and Paolo Bouchard.

BT with guests

Fun with customers.


Overlooking the Douro, a perfect place to come, enjoy and dream.

We await you at Bistro Terrace!

(Français) Ouverture du Bistro Terrace

July 29, 2016

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(Français) Les dernières recompenses de Quinta do Tedo

June 30, 2016

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Recent Awards for Quinta do Tedo

June 29, 2016


We are proud to share with you several 2016 awards for Quinta do Tedo. International wine competitions help us to measure where we stand compared to other producers and to receive recognition for our hard work in producing every year Portos and Douro DOC red wines of great quality.  The awards also do help us sell our product. Both London-based International Wine Competition (IWC) and San Francisco International Wine Competition (SFIWC), 2 highly-regarded wine competitions, have awarded us gratifying results:

DOUBLE GOLD - Quinta do Tedo LBV 2010 (SFIWC)

GOLD - Quinta do Tedo Douro DOC Reserva 2012 (IWC)

SILVER – Quinta do Tedo Douro DOC 2012 (IWC)

SILVER - Quinta do Tedo LBV 2010 (IWC)

SILVER – Quinta do Tedo Douro DOC 2011 (IWC)

SILVER – Quinta do Tedo Douro DOC Grande Reserva Savedra 2011 (SFIWC)

Thank you to our very talented winemaker Jorge Alves and hardworking team in the vineyard, in the cellar and in the tasting room. Always room for improvement, we are thrilled all the same.

Cheers – Saúde – à Votre santé’ - Salud – Prost ! ……

Eye Candy in Oporto

May 31, 2016

Food lovers unite!  Eye candy is showcased on nearly every street in Oporto with so many unique Portuguese food specialties. Take a morning walk, starting at the covered produce market Mercado Bolhao, and continue on via the  pedestrian street Rua Santa Catarina and Rua Impero,  A perfect picnic lunch in the making, of course with a bottle of Quinta do Tedo.

Sausages and cured meats – smoked, rubbed in paprika, infused or not with garlic, spices and paprika, made of pork to include linguiça, blood sausage morçela, flour and ground pork farinheira and garlicky chouriço, or chicken and bread alheira.


Portugal boasts excellent bread!  Try pão de milho - cornbread with a chewy crust that asks for another bite, dipped in olive oil or slathered with sweet butter and sea salt as you are waiting for a course, or with cheese at the end of a meal.  Top photo shows breads are named from where they are from – Amarante,  Foz Coa, etc.  Croissants, denser and richer with egg yolks added to the dough, are not to be missed.  Directly above is a photo of a bola - a savory and almost custardy bread laden with cubes of of fiambre, flavorful ham.


Bacalhau or salt cod is called the national Portuguese dish, with 364 recipes – 1 for each day!  Available in any imaginable cut, the thicker the more expensive.  Note: Islanda or Iceland is specified in the above photo, the country of origin. Orginally fished in Atlantic waters off the Portuguese coast, today most salt cod sold in Portugal is fished in the waters closer to the North Pole, to include Norway and Iceland.Bonbons in abbondanza!  Different shapes and colors, hard covers to roll around in the mouth and often with almonds in the center.  One asks for another.

Enjoy the limitless eye candy in Oporto, and  finish off the day with … a glass of Quinta do Tedo!

(Français) Le plaisir des yeux à Porto

May 30, 2016

Appréciez sans limites les plaisirs des yeux à Porto et terminez la journée avec…un verre de Quinta do Tedo !Un repère pour les gourmets! De nombreuses et uniques spécialités culinaires portugaises sont un plaisir des yeux dans presque chaque rue de Porto. Promenez-vous le matin en partant du marché couvert Mercado Bolhao, et continuez par la rue piétonne Rua Santa Catarina et la rue Rua Impero. Un super pic-nique arrosé bien-sûr de Quinta do Tedo.

Sausage with pork, with chicken and bread, smoked or not…etc...

Du porc en saucisses et en viandes séchées– fumées, frottées avec du paprika, infusées ou non dans de l’ail, des épices et du paprika, de la linguiça, du boudin noir morçela, le farinheira à base de porc et de farine de blé dur et du chorizo aillé, ou du poulet au pain l’alheira.

Only a start of the bounty of Portuguese breads

IMG_7106Le Portugal peut se glorifier d’avoir de l’excellent pain ! Essayez le pão de milho – pain de maïs à la croûte épaisse qui appelle d’autres bouchées, plongez le dans de l’huile d’olive ou tartinez-le de beurre doux en le  parsemant de sel de mer, dans l’attente d’un plat, ou accompagnez-le avec votre fromage à la fin du repas. La photo du haut vous montre des pains nommés en fonction de leur provenance – Amarante, Foz Coa, etc. N’oubliez surtout pas les croissants à la pâte enrichie de jaunes d’oeufs. Juste au-dessus, la photo d’un bola – un pain savoureux et légèrement crémeux truffé de morceaux de fiambre, un jambon goûteux.

Icelandic BacalhauLe cabillaud ou morue salée est reputé comme étant le plat national portugais, 364 recettes, une pour chaque jour ! Disponible en d’inimaginables épaisseurs, la plus épaisse étant la plus chère. Notez : l’Islande ou Islanda ou Iceland le pays d’origine, mentionnée dans la photo ci-dessus. A l’origine pêchées dans les eaux de l’Atlantique au large des côtes portugaises, les morues vendues aujourd’hui au Portugal proviennent plus des eaux proches du pôle nord, de la Norvège et de l’Islande.

Bon bons - the colors and shapes are more than enticing.

Des bonbons en abondance ! De différentes formes et couleurs, bien enrobés pour rouler dans la bouche et souvent contenant une amande en leur coeur. Un bonbon en appelle un autre.

Appréciez sans limites les plaisirs des yeux à Porto et terminez la journée avec…un verre de Quinta do Tedo !